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Définition of MAGHNIA City

Defining the university center

The University Center of Maghnia is a public institution of a scientific nature, aiming to provide scientific and qualitative training for students in various fields. It was established pursuant to Executive Decree No.: 16-125 dated: 03 Rajab 1437 corresponding to April 11, 2016. It was initially launched as a university annex that was established by the joint ministerial decision dated 29 Safar 1427 corresponding to March 29, 2006. It opened its doors during the academic season 2006-2007 to more than From 600 students, to be the first university institution in which the higher education and scientific research sector in this department is launched.

Maghnia University Center is located one kilometer from the city center, on the road linking the municipalities of Maghnia and the municipality of Az-Zawiya. It is bordered on the north by agricultural land, on the south by collective farming (EAC), on the west by a side road, and on the east by an urban area. The University Center in Maghnia provides its students with training in the following fields:

Institute of Law and Political Science Department of Law

Institute of Economic, Commercial and Management Sciences Department of Economic Sciences

Institute of Literature Foreign Languages

Institute of Science and Technology Irrigation Department

Institute of Social and Human Sciences

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